About Us

SecureNetworks Solutions

Secure Networks are one of the fastest growing security firms with customers spanning the globe. Our head office is home to a passionate team of cyber security experts dedicated to providing trusted and integrated protective Information Security Services.

Our reputation and professional approach has propelled us into the spotlight in recent years, and made us a strategic partner to governments and critical entities around the globe. We have the proven intelligence capabilities needed to safeguard precious assets, infrastructure, data and more.

At Secure Networks, we keep on learning!  Vital systems are always under threat and our teams are committed to developing new techniques and methods to strengthen vulnerabilities and keep your precious resources safe.  As new threats arrive, we create the tools needed to deflect attack and protect that which is valuable to our customers.

Our Vision

As we strive for growth and work proactively to provide agile security solutions around the world, Secure Networks will be leader’s in the market offering cutting edge technology, customized solutions, and personal commitment. Through personal and professional development, we will raise the bar for security solutions around the world and stand out from the crowd.


Our Mission is to provide enhanced security capabilities and long-term prosperity for all as well as sharing our enhanced security capabilities with everyone.


Our methodology is simple.  Ideation – Design – Implementation.


Our experienced security personnel delve deep into your requirements and with forethought and careful analysis of the entire system, its threats, weaknesses and strengths, we formulate ideas and strategies to reduce risk and strengthen the system. We consider the problem from all angles too, not just from the outside in, but also from the inside out. Those ideas will then be used to devise a plan of action that will ensure all security threats, and their solutions, are well understood so we can begin to prepare phase two.


Phase two involves the design solution. Our technical team advise on how a security measure can be carried out with a several of different angles in mind. The solution is documented in two phases. A high level ‘design summary’ is drawn up so everyone understands exactly what the design will accomplish and how it will accomplish the task at hand. Then we draw up the ‘detailed design’ which will provide the technical specifications to be used in the next phase, the implementation.


The implementation happens behind the scenes and is handled by our highly trained professional team.  They hand over the solution so you can bring the plan to life.

So our methodology is one that comes together with a great amount of consultation between ourselves, our clients and our technical teams.  We work with you to deliver a solution that covers all bases.  The quality and value of our work speaks for itself.


We are, admittedly, a unique group of individuals. Our backgrounds range from a variety of verticals and we have been proven to think outside the box. What makes us different is:

  • Information Security is our ONLY business. We are a firm who provide smart and predictive security solutions and services! We not only respond to attacks when they happen but also work proactively to predict risk and take preemptive measures before they happen.
  •  We have over 40+ year’s experience in the security sector and our trained professionals are experts in the field. We’ve developed a strong work ethic and a reliable strategic approach to assessing our client’s risks and arming them with the capabilities to protect their vital information assets.
  •  We understand the cyber-security headaches your organization faces. Our job is help you become more secure and act as an independent information security partner.
  •  We’re not afraid to take on challenges. We find the most challenging tasks the most enjoyable ones! Our service’s have been adopted by Local Government agencies and private blue chip companies in the Telecommunications, Resources, Healthcare, Insurance, oil and gas, energy, retail, manufacturing, Banking and Finance sectors. We have the experience and knowledge and skills you need to best achieve your security goals.
  •  Talk to us today if you want to know the most recent new security threats and how to deal with them.