After a close coupling of the industrial and IT control system environments, the security risks have now cascaded from the Internet and corporate IT networks to the ICS (Industrial Control Systems) and SCADA networks. Secure Networks helps by protecting the connected infrastructure of your organization against a myriad of networks and web attacks with the help of integrated threat protection, conditional awareness, and guided security controls for both ICS and SCADA systems.
Our team of experts implements a step-by-step procedure of conducting a thorough security assessment of the critical SCADA systems in your enterprise. Secure Networks assists the organizations with critical infrastructure in performing top-notch security functions in an efficient manner to achieve the following:
Following specific security guidelines for ICS risk assessment
Achieving high-tech security monitoring
Assisting the development of new security policy as per the global practices for ICS
Performing network diagram review on the site
Freeing up the available resources for focusing more on strategic opportunities and projects
Secure Networks offers managed intrusion detection and prevention services with ICS and SCADA based signatures as well as rule sets that utilize the equipment of the organizations. We also deploy our state of the art and integrated intrusion detection & prevention system to promote high-end security services to the organizations with ICS and SCADA critical infrastructure.