Security Architecture and Implementation


Enterprise architecture is considered as one of the most powerful management tools used by the progressive organizations. It serves as a perfect platform for implementing major technological changes, enterprise architecture can also aid in enabling the ongoing alignment of the multiple processes and strategies of the businesses with the help of the right technology solutions. Secure Networks helps the businesses undertake fact-based strategic planning and portfolio transformation designs to capture new opportunities and thus, respond effectively to any kind of disruption.

Our comprehensive range of advanced Enterprise Architecture services and industry-specific methodologies ensure that the organizations are able to enjoy the maximum benefits out of the Enterprise Architecture by optimizing the business processes. Our best in-class EA services have been designed for your business to become future ready and compliant. We enable your organization to innovate business models continuously and thus, enhance the business capabilities.

Our services include:

  • Develop enterprise reference architecture
  • Enterprise architecture assessment
  • Enterprise architecture implementation

The Security Health Check services of Secure Networks will assess the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your organization’s IT security controls, and measures them against the best practices. Our advanced security health check service is a great option for the organizations who want an independent and professional view of their security status. We will assess the controls covering all aspects of your business environment that are used for protecting confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your assets.

We make use of a framework of advanced security controls aligned with the best practices and provide metrics to reveal how your organization is tracking against the common best practices of maintaining the security standards. As a part of our Security Health Check services, our experienced security experts will assess, analyze, and remediate the improper configurations in your system’s framework that could be affecting the physical as well as virtual security components.

Secure Networks offers design, development, testing, and implementation services at various stages of the electronic product development. We take pride in providing the best in-class SoC design services to our customers. While developing new SoC (System on Chip) devices, the team of experienced designers is able to deliver advanced design solutions through a wide array of chip technologies. The disciplined approach adopted by our team ensures that the solutions are delivered within the time frame and comprise active engagement throughout the designing and implementation process.

The proven design strategy by Secure Networks and its vast experience ensures the constant delivery of successful SOC projects that are optimized for the major design challenges like performance, power efficiency, area, and timescales. Secure Networks maintains an in-house team of with a broad range of specialized knowledge and expertise that make use of the latest design strategies for SOC designing, testing, and implementation.

Our team of SOC professional consultant will provide you with the following services:

  • SOC Maturity assessment
  • SOC polices, process, and procedure development
  • SOC design
  • SOC roadmap and transformation
  • SOC implementation
  • SOC management and operation

Customize data security services by Secure Networks help your organization include a threat-balanced method with advanced data security technology for safeguarding the critical data of the organization. With the help of both consultation as well as integration services, we help your organization by optimizing control over data with the use of market-leading encryption and loss prevention technologies. The advanced range of Data Security services by Secure Networks helps the organizations in managing and protecting critical data through the entire data lifecycle.

Our best in-class data security solutions aid the organizations in creating a proper map for achieving the maximum protection against all forms of data breaching and threats. We assist the organizations & businesses in managing and protecting the vital data at different stages like data creation, data at rest, data in motion, data in use, and data destruction. Our professional data experts help you in defining the gaps in your organization’s data security and thus, finding the right combination of technologies and services to remediate the potential vulnerabilities.

Our best in-class services and solutions include:

  • Develop and implement Data classification program.
  • Data governance framework.
  • Data leakage prevention implementation.
  • Data classification implementation.
  • Data encryption.

In today’s highly sophisticated secure environments, the security breaches are a major concern. The question of dealing with such security breaches is not “if” but “when” any such incident might occur. As the IT security complexity increases, the purpose is to address such advancing issues through our skills, knowledge, and expertise into the IT security industry. Secure Networks offers a wide range of security intelligence services as well as solutions for keeping your organization’s critical data safe and protected.

Sharing is powerful technique to fight against today’s cyber threats, intelligence is a collection or grouping of information that is gathered from sources both human, electronic, internal and external to the organization and from the OSINT [open source intelligence] sources. this information is typically processed through some type of evaluation to verify its validity and is used to provide context about conditions necessary for a threat to exploit a vulnerability and if the threat is actively being used by threat actors.

Secure Networks is a main partner to most of cyber threat intelligence vendors with provide threats intelligence feeds included but not limited targeted\custom feeds and we complete the cycle of design and implementing remediation plans.