Security Automation


Today, cyber attacks are heavily automated by machines over multiple sources/channels while organizations try to defend against these attacks manually, the fight becomes analyst versus machine, with highly unfavorable odds for the organization. Accordingly, successfully protect against automated attacks, it is essential to fight fire with fire – or in this case, machine against machine – by incorporating automation into cybersecurity efforts. Automation levels the playing field, reduces the volume of threats, and allows for faster prevention of new and previously unknown threats. Security automation is the automation for handling the analyst tasks in a machine-based security application that would otherwise be done manually by a cybersecurity professional. Security Automation Benefits will save time by eliminating repetitive, mundane tasks also will increase efficiency by streamlining processes and prioritize security events.

Secure Network Consultants will integrate Security Automation into your SOC and threat Intelligence operations as part of the protection response for indicators of attacks that result from normalization and correlation multiple data sources.