advanced threat and vulnerability management


Secure Networks performs advanced network security testing services that have been customized to fit the size and complexity constraints of each organization. We offer each of our clients with a personalized experience from its start to finish in high-end network security testing. Through our specialized network security testing services, the organizations are able to understand how security threats might penetrate their network through vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, or network equipment tests of the significant devices.

The primary objective for a network security testing is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in networks, systems, hosts and network devices (ie: routers, switches) before hackers are able to discover and exploit them. Network security testing will reveal real-world opportunities for hackers to be able to compromise systems and networks in such a way that allows for unauthorized access to sensitive data or even take-over systems for malicious/non-business purposes. A network security testing will help you gain valuable insight into the security posture of the in-scope assets and be able to fix them before hackers are able cause serious damage by exploiting them also simulate threats from inside & outside.

Our highly qualified and experienced network security experts work with your organization to determine the cyber-security assessments and perform the right tests for your network to identify ways of strengthening the security posture of your organization. In-depth network testing to the final reports of findings and recommendations is what sets Secure Networks apart. We are thus, entrusted the responsibility of assessing the security of your most valuable network assets.

As business applications tend to be an integral part of the workflow, decision making, productivity, and regulatory compliance of several organizations, is it important to ensure the proper security controls are in place to protect the business application from different security threats that may impact application functionality or lead to data breaches.

Web application attacks make up the majority of breaches according to Verizon 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, this create the need to test and secure WEB APPLICATION & security controls that applied to protect it. Applications assessment importance is to identify applications security issues whether an external anonymous attacker visiting the target web application could gain access to sensitive systems and data from the Internet. Secure Networks Consultants engaged in time limited penetration testing will use testing methods and vulnerabilities in common use, our own in-house tools and established testing methodologies to simulate the skill level of the potential attacker, ranging from script kiddie to informed and highly skilled insider. This approach offers a far more realistic security testing.

Secure Networks can provide the below tests to ensure your application have the proper control in place:

  • Static analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Compliance testing

Today, threats to the application layer have become more and more common, with OWASP estimating that nearly a third of web applications contain security vulnerabilities, Code review will identify security flaws in the application related to its features and design, along with the exact root causes. with the increasing complexity of applications and the advent of new technologies, the traditional way of testing may fail to detect all the security flaws present in the applications. one must understand the code of the application, external components, and configurations to have a better chance of finding the flaws.

Secure networks team will review your critical application code to determine exact mitigation techniques that can be used to avert the security flaws.

Today, most of organization face big digitalization challenges to enrich their customers experience with mobile applications, this increase organizations attacks surface and add more responsibilities to security teams to protect mobile applications and platforms against different security threats that exploit vulnerabilities in an application’s code, secure networks consultants will conduct mobile application security assessment across different operating system to detect vulnerabilities including business logic flows and technical ones & build multiple test scenarios to simulate breaking the security mechanism of application and gaining access on the mobile or even sensitive data. Secure Networks test cover different type of platform (Android, IOS,) also different Techniques (Dynamic or even Static Analysis).

Red Teaming objectives is to launch a multi-blended attack involving several facets of social engineering, physical penetration testing, application penetration testing and network penetration testing, simultaneously. The purpose is to reveal real-world opportunities for malicious insiders or bad actors to be able to compromise all aspects of your organization in such a way that allows for unauthorized virtual and/or physical access to sensitive information leading up to data breaches and full system/network compromise. Secure Networks red team will give you valuable insight into the security posture of your various, diverse assets so you’re able to take steps to correct them before hackers are able cause serious damage by exploiting them which include:

  • Identify physical, hardware, software and human vulnerabilities.
  • Obtain a more realistic understanding of risk for your organization.
  • Help address and fix all identified security weaknesses

A social engineering test is a simulated attack from the perspective of a bad actor, such as a malicious hacker. The objective is to simulate a cyber security attack and attempt to uncover security vulnerabilities that might otherwise be discovered by hackers. In doing so, you would gain valuable insight into the security posture of the assets and be able to fix them before hackers are able cause serious damage by exploiting them.

Secure network social engineering services include:

  • Email Phishing
  • Telephone/Text
  • Onsite/Physical Pretexting


Email Phishing

– testing uses email phishing and spear phishing to target staff into visiting unknown websites, divulging sensitive information or getting them to perform an action they otherwise should not be.


– target staff into divulging sensitive information or otherwise getting them to perform an action they should not be.

Onsite/Physical Pretexting

– consultants masquerade as vendors, new employees, business partners and even employee family members in order to entice staff into divulging sensitive information or permitting access to sensitive areas of the facility.