Education and Awareness


Secure Networks offers training services to address the human as well as technical elements of your organization for ensuring that your organization is operating in a secure environment. Our diverse range of security course topics helps you in meeting compliance, maximizing data security, managing vendor technologies, and incorporating the best security practices in the industry. With the help of computer-based and instructor-guided training options, it becomes easier and highly cost-effective to learn anytime and anywhere.

Keep the network of your organization safe with the help of web-based security awareness training offered by Secure Networks. These training videos can be integrated onto the learning system of your organization. We even help by customizing the security training sessions as per your company branding. Secure Networks security training sessions educate and train your employees in understanding the issues related to information security and thus, guides in behaving in an accepted manner to minimize the risks of the potential security threats. The security awareness training services offered by Secure Networks consist of:

  • Develop Security awareness, and training program.
  • Develop Security awareness plan.
  • Manage and operate security training program.
  • Security awareness program assessment
  • Develop customize security training modules training modules covering the key security strategies and risks to ensure the security of the organization at all levels.

There’s a big difference between absorbing knowledge and putting what you’ve learned into practice. it’s important to have a strategy for implementing knowledge development for security teams. secure networks develop multiple offensive practical labs simulating different hacking techniques and scenarios used by hackers to improve the customer’s proactive security skills.

For more information, contact us to get updated details regarding our complete plan including use-cases, levels, used techniques & toolkit.

Excellence in the professional level of security involves expertise and educational awareness for transforming security concerns into remediate measures. Secure Networks has the best in-class team of experts and security instructors who have vast knowledge and expertise in helping your organization advance by learning essential skills of IT security. Explore our professional security development options with the help of our highly skilled and experienced IT experts.

We can help develop the modern security skills to your security and IT team to provide them with the right skills and knowledge to protect the organization from the evolving threats.

Secure Networks workforce will provide the following services:

  • Security organization development.
  • Develop job description including details roles and responsibilities for the different security roles.
  • Develop a customizing security training plan for the different team member according to their roles and responsibilities.
  • Conduct and execute the security training plan.