IoT Security and Threat Defense


“By 2020, over 25 billion things will be connected to the Internet” Gartner said. Those devices need to be properly secured to mitigate risks and protect organizations and individuals from malicious attacks.
Organizations have just begun adopting the benefits of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions which are helping them to offer valuable functionality and also create new revenue streams and cost savings. However, IoT also exposes the organizations to new security vulnerabilities through expanding network connections. Secure Networks offers a wide range of physical and cyber security solutions for meeting the needs of the given environment especially for industrial environment. Our advanced range of IoT security credentialing services adds an extra layer of security to your existing security structure.
Our high-end IoT security services offer you the protection based defense in depth with the use of digital certificates and other vital digital credentials. From the smart televisions to critical infrastructure, Secure Networks help in securely protecting and managing multiple IoT devices as well as applications. We aim to deliver analytics for detecting stealthy, advanced, and sophisticated threats to the existing IoT systems. Secure Networks IoT solutions include authentication of devices, encryption of confidential data, and maintaining the data & system integrity.
Build better IoT experiences and get a better peace of mind as we help you in protecting your IoT apps and data.